Had the absolute worst day but at least I was warmish 🐢
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Can’t wait to open these wonderful gifts from Ewic 😌
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Evil Dead with my momma & gma. They had a blast in the splatter zone and this babe did an awesome job drumming 💋 (at Harbor Playhouse)
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Gonna be a runway model 2morro! Come out to the American Bank Center to support #ccthreads! We walk at 3:30! ^,^
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Carved dis pumpkin cupcake w/ my teeth 🎃👻
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annnd thennn.. I spilt coffee on myself ✌️
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Casual diva selfy
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Crowned the new king & queen today 👑👑👑👑👑 congratulations y’all!
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Also, my boyfriends a model #mcm #candid
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A perfect weekend to celebrate 6 perfect months together 💏
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D8 nite
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TBT to that one time I was the homecoming queenie 👑 #highschoolroyalty
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Eric is off drumming somewhere and I’m trying my best to study.. sos

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Day of classes just got better
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Last day at Jamba = blending bag of m&ms into smoothie  (at Jamba Juice)
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